Tuesday 16th of January 2018

A high precision 3D dynamic measurement prototype system based on color-coded fringe and phase shifting

Dahui Qin

Accurate dynamic measurement of the 3-D shape of moving objects is a rapidly expanding field, with applications in entertainment, design, and manufacturing. In this work, the two CCD/CMOS cameras are calibrated with a flexible and accurate camera calibration method. Then, a new approach based on color-coded fringe is proposed for high precision 3D dynamic measurement. The method is based on phase shifting and stereo vision. Combination of color coding and phase shifting can make automatic phase unwrapping, stereo vision can accomplish stereo matching and 3D points reconstruction automatically according to phase map after unwrapping. An experimental result is presented to demonstrate the performance of the method.

Keywords: 3D dynamic measurement; color-coded fringe; phase shifting; camera calibration

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Dahui Qin
Dahui Qin, born in 1980, obtained the doctor degree of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2009, now working in the school of civil engineering and architecture, Southwest Petroleum University, associate professor of Surveying engineering. Main research fields are machine vision, close range photogrammetry and digital image processing.

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