Friday 23rd of February 2018

A Formal Composition of a Distributed System with its Security Policy

Wadie Krombi, Mohamed Mustapha Kabbaj and Mohammed Erradi

Nowadays, information systems are becoming a vital and strategic component of any organization. However, in most cases, these systems are designed and implemented without taking into consideration security aspects. To ensure a certain level of security, the behavior of a system must be controlled by a security policy. The objective of this work is: Given a system S and a security policy P how can we generate a system Sp which is a secure version of S? Based on the fact that a security policy is a set of rules, we propose an approach to build an automaton modeling a security policy. Then we propose an approach for modeling a system with the same formalism. Finally, we suggest a composition model of a system with a security policy. The suggested approach is illustrated using a firewall security policy and a distributed system consisting of network elements (servers, workstations,...).

Keywords: Security Policy, System, Automata, Composition, Firewall, Security Rule

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Wadie Krombi
ENSIAS, Mohammed V-Souissi University Rabat, Morocco

Mohamed Mustapha Kabbaj
ENSIAS, Mohammed V-Souissi University Rabat, Morocco

Mohammed Erradi
ENSIAS, Mohammed V-Souissi University Rabat, Morocco

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