Sunday 25th of February 2018

A dynamic deployment method of micro service oriented to SLA

Zhen-Ling Ji and Yong Liu

In order to solve the problem of frequent dynamic deployment of micro service in cloud computing environment under different load conditions, a dynamic deployment method of micro service oriented to SLA is proposed. A dynamic description model of micro-service is built, endow the micro service and its dependencies with dependency weight, and offer a dynamic update mechanism of the dependency weight ,then deploy a corresponding number of multilayer dependencies according to the dependent weights when need to deployment the micro service. Finally, it compared and analyzed the actual effect, the results show that this method can effectively reduce the times of micro-services dynamic deployment and guarantee the minimum violation rate of service-level objectives.

Keywords: cloud computing, microservice, dynamic deployment, SLA, dependency, service level agreement

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Zhen-Ling Ji
Zhen-Ling Ji male, born in 1990, is a master candidate in computer software and theory at the Information Engineering College, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang, China. His research direction is cloud computing and computer architecture.

Yong Liu
Yong Liu .male, born in 1966, professor. He is a graduate tutor, mainly engaged in cloud computing and software architecture direction of the study.

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