Thursday 22nd of February 2018

A Content Based Classification of Spam Mails with Fuzzy Word Ranking

G.Santhi, S. Maria Wenisch and P. Sengutuvan

The spam mails are used by spammers to steal the data of the users and organizations online. Rapid growth rate of the use of the internet has increased the spam mails. There are several methods employed for filtering spam. This approach is to classify the spam mails using spam word ranking and fuzzy rules. This work classifies the emails using word ranking database and the ranks are used based on the degree of the threat that each word possess. For this purpose the work has considered only the content of the email.

Keywords: : Email, Spam Word Ranking, Spam Classification, Fuzzy Rule, Fuzzy Inference

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Principal, Ceyrac Community College, Kancheepuram, India.

S. Maria Wenisch
Department of Information Science and Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India.

P. Sengutuvan
Principal, Annapoorna Engineering College, Salem, India.

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