Sunday 18th of February 2018

A Comprehensive Review for Central Processing Unit Scheduling Algorithm

Ryan Richard H. Guadaña, Maria Rona Perez and Larry T. Rutaquio Jr.

This paper describe how does CPU facilitates tasks given by a user through a Scheduling Algorithm. CPU carries out each instruction of the program in sequence then performs the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system while a scheduling algorithm is used by the CPU to handle every process. The authors also tackled different scheduling disciplines and examples were provided in each algorithm in order to know which algorithm is appropriate for various CPU goals.

Keywords: Kernel, Process State, Schedulers, Scheduling Algorithm, Utilization.

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Ryan Richard H. Guadaña
He is a University of Caloocan City BS Computer Science graduate (2004) presently writing his thesis in Polytechnic University of the Philippines for his Masters of Science in Information Technology degree. He is at this time (2012) a full time faculty of University of the East Philippines. He has gained experience in Informatics International College as an OIC-Academic Head from 2008-2010 and as OIC-Office of Students Affairs from 2007-2009. Currently, he is interested and engaged in researches about computer aided training especially for Non-IT training such as disaster response.

Maria Rona Perez
She is a full time faculty of the Department of Computer Studies and Systems, College of Engineering, University of the East, Philippines while pursuing her Thesis Writing towards M.S. in Information Technology from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She obtained B.S Information Technology \"Cum Laude\" from AMA Computer College - Manila Campus. Her research interest includes social studies, security and ethical issues and information system.

Larry T. Rutaquio Jr.
He is currently finishing his Graduate Study at Polytechnic University of the Philippines with the degree of Master of Science in Information Technology with specialization in Management Information System. Presently, he is working as a full-time faculty at the University of the East Caloocan campus. His area of interest are cloud computing and network security.

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