Tuesday 20th of February 2018

A Compact Tapered-Shape Slot UWB Antenna with WLAN Band notch characteristics

Hassan H. El-Tamaly, Maher M. Eltayeb and Deena Abd El Hamid Salem

A new modified compact microstrip line-fed Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) tapered- shape antenna with WLAN (5.5GHz) band notch function using inverted C-slot is presented. The overall antenna dimensions are 22x24 mm2 fabricated on FR4 substrate with a thickness h of 1.5mm and a relative permittivity #949;r of 4.5 and easily fed by a 50#937; microstrip line. A complete analysis on the inverted C-slot was simulated and measured. The modified antenna is successfully fabricated and measured. Simulation and measurements agree that the modified antenna has a stable gain, high radiation efficiency(about 90%), and near omni-directional radiation pattern within the UWB operating frequency range while a good characteristics are obtained at the specified notch with a low gain of -4.2dB and VSWR of 6.3 .

Keywords: Ultra wide band (UWB) antenna, Microstrip fed line, Slot antenna, Notch band

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Hassan H. El-Tamaly
Professor of Electrical Power Engineering, Minia University, Minia, Egypt from 1994. He has many papers published in Internaotional Journals and Conferences in the field of renewable energy and comminications. He is a member of the steering Committee of the MEPCON (Middle East Power Systems Conference). He is Editorial board member of International Journal of applied Engineering Research (IJAER), Research Indian Publications (RIP) from 2005 until now, (www.ripuplication.com).He is the Chief Editorl of International Journal of Electrical Engineering from 2007 until now, (www.internationaljournal.info).

Maher M. Eltayeb
Assistance professor, MSA University, 6 October, Cairo, Egypt, Bsc of Communications and Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, MSc of Communications and Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.

Deena Abd El Hamid Salem
Researcher at Electronics research institute, IEEE member.

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