Friday 23rd of February 2018

A Cipher based on Multiple Circular Arrays

Pushpa R. Suri and Sukhvinder Singh Deora

Security of information communicated over the internet has been a challenged area. Data is encrypted by using some cryptographic algorithms using symmetric/asymmetric/public key algorithms for its protection. During literature survey of such algorithms, it was observed that there has been use of one or two dimensional array structures in development of cryptographic algorithms. This paper explains the use of alternative structure made of multiple circular arrays in development of a block cipher based on symmetric variable length key encryption for diffusion of information to a larger extent. It uses operations like circular shift operations, merge-swap and XOR to encrypt the data. The key used for encryption algorithm is generated in parts using Random Number Generator (RNG) operated with XOR operations with its previous sub-key bits at both ends. It may also be transferred along with the ciphertext to intended receiver. The cryptographic algorithm generates scrambled data with above mentioned operations for confusion-diffusion of bits to a larger extent of plaintext data using easy to compute operations for efficient security. The algorithm may also work in asymmetric mode using same direction of rotations. The research work presented in the paper can be used for data security over networks.

Keywords: Arrays, composite data structures, Cryptographic algorithms, data security, encryption-decryption, symmetric key cryptography, Random number generation(RNGs)

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Pushpa R. Suri
Dr. (Mrs) Pushpa R. Suri is Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Applications at Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India. She has supervised a number of PhD students in the area of Network Security and Cryptograhic techniques. She has also published a number of research papers in National and International Journals and Conference Proceedings. Her areas of interest are Data Structures, Network Security & Cryptography.

Sukhvinder Singh Deora
Sukhvinder Singh Deora is a Research Scholar at Department of Computer Science & Applications, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, India. He is M.C.A., M.Phil. (Computer Science) and is working as Assistant Professor in N.C. Institute of Computer Sciences, Israna, Panipat, India. To his credit are many prominent papers in the area of data security and issues related to it published in eminent International/National Journals & Conferences. He is a Reviewer to many International Journals of repute and worked as Editor for Indian Society of Information Theory and Applications (ISITA), India. He is having an industry experience of 1.5 years in the areas of Testing, Java, Database design and security issues. His interest areas include Network Security, Theoretical Computer Sciences, Data Structures, S/W Testing and Database Designing. He is also a permanent member of ISITA and many other professional bodies

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