Thursday 22nd of February 2018

A 3D Simulation Method of Foundation Pit Excavation Based on Vector Graphics

Mu Huang and Xianyong Han

Vector Graphics is a character of Flex technology, vector graphics-based 3D model has a simple data structure and a fast speed, it\'s a suitable modeling method for Web3D programming. In this paper we present a polygon automatically blocked and cropped algorithm, to disperse foundation pit. And on this basis we use Flex technology to design a vector graphics-based three-dimensional simulation method of foundation pit construction. This method is based on B / S structure of the Web application, you can easily edit the construction progress and quickly simulate the excavation of foundation pit.

Keywords: Vector Graphic, flex, foundation pit, simulation, 3D model

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Mu Huang
Mu Huang received his Master\'s degree in PLA University of Science and Technology in 2010. He is currently pursuing the PhD degree in College of Defense Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology. His research interests includes Web3D technology, stratigraphic modeling and computer application in underground engineering

Xianyong Han
Xianyong Han, docent, graduated from PLA University of Science and Technology, received his Bachelor\'s Degree in 2005,majoring in Military Simulation and his Master\'s Degree in 2010,majoring in Military Operational Research. He is no working in Computer Department, Army Officer Academy of PLA. He is good at computer application and data processing.

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