Sunday 25th of February 2018

5G Wireless Communications Systems: Heterogeneous Network Architecture and Design for Small Cells, D2D Communications (Low Range, Multi-hop) and Wearable Healthcare System on chip (ECG, EEG) for 5G Wireless

Niraj Shakhakarmi

The major challenges in 5G wireless communication systems are the very high data rate, very low latency, very high mobility, very high density of users, very low energy cost and massive number of devices which cannot be addressed by the existing 4G-LTE, LTE-A. In this paper, heterogeneous networks architecture is proposed for the prospects of 5G wireless communications systems networks to address the future demand of the network capacity and seamless link for distributed radio access technology. The heterogeneous networks consist of the CRAN, small cells, cognitive radio networks, mobile femtocell, device to device (D2D) communications, low range D2D, mutihop D2D, M2M, massive MIMO and IoT which optimizes the industrial network growth, energy efficiency and higher QoS. The central and distributed backhaul is proposed for small cells. The D2D communication architecture is designed addressing the multi-hop D2D, D2D handover and low range D2D for wearable healthcare wireless chips. From the simulation results, it is found that the 5G backhaul energy efficiency and throughput increases with the increasing in number of small cells because of the adaptive spatial densification. The D2D energy efficiency is found decreasing with increasing number of small cell UEs surrounding and increasing D2D distance. In addition, the D2D SINR decreases with the increasing number of the wearable wireless healthcare system on chip and the D2D distance. Furthermore, the data rate in the multihop D2D is found decreasing with increasing mobility and increasing number of hops because of Doppler spread and multi-hop delay.

Keywords: Device to Device Communication, Fifth Generation, Heterogeneous Network, Low Range, Multi hop, Small Cells, System on Chip, Wearable Healthcare, Electrocardiograph, Electroencephalography

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Niraj Shakhakarmi
Chief Technical Officer, Novelogic Tech LLC,USA Visiting Professor, Gannon University,USA

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